What Is Candlenights?

Candlenights is a pan-religious, pan-sexual, personal pan winter holiday celebrated by My Brother, My Brother and Me. Candlenights starts and ends for each person at different times, is about different things for each person, and is celebrated differently by each person. People from all countries of all religions and those without religion alike can celebrate their own Candlenights in their own way.

Candlenights was started in 2010 by the McElroy brothers, creators of other fine things such as MBMBaM, The Adventure Zone, and many other podcasts. The holiday is open to all and has been celebrated every year since with a great many goofs and much merriment.

The Candlenights Gift Exchange

Some fine MBMBAMBinos by the name of the Candelabros put together an official gift swap! Sign up and support their work here.

The MBMBaM Angels

Each year the McElroy bros put together a fundraiser to spread some Candlenights cheer to the people of WV. Help get folks in need some holiday joy by donating and following along here.

The origins of Candlenights